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About us

Golden Monster Pharma was founded for the sole purpose of becoming your trusted partner for sports performance and health products. Our top-tier formula developed in Germany results from decades-long research for sports performance delivered right to our customers worldwide.

We have become a trusted global partner with our line of high-quality and innovative products such as anabolic steroids. Golden Monster Pharma is now a trusted name worldwide for innovation, high quality, and effective supplements. After many years of research and refining our formula for Anavar (Oxandrolone), ClenbuterolTestPropTPropTrenbolonePrimo, and other well-known Testosterone products, we have become a global leader in the sports enhancement industry.

It is vital to us to help our customers to healthily reach their full potential while at the same time enjoying each of our high-quality and innovative products.

We strive to educate, enable and inspire you to archive your goals at the highest level possible


We are offering the most comprehensive variety of anabolic/androgenic steroids to date. Our product diversity reaches from anabolic/androgenic hormones to anti-estrogens over to peptide and proteins indifferent formulations such as tablets, capsules, gels, and injections.


Reliability, credibility and excellence are the principles Meditech stands for. Meditech has established its reputation as an excellent manufacturer of performance enhancing drugs. We care for the quality of our products we offer to our clients. For ensuring the quality and effectiveness of our drugs, we have got a dedicated research and development centre where our professionals are always seeking to make our products more effective. We are enthusiastic and passionate about providing quality products and services that improve performance and deliver outstanding results to our customers.